Digitech Whammy 4 – Almost new


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-6 Whammy modes including famous 2 Octave Up as heard on 100’s of songs!

-10 Harmony Bend modes including 2nd Up to 3rd Up simulating pedal steel bends!

-Expression pedal controls dive bombs and bends.

-Cutting–edge pitch detection engine designed specifically for guitar delivers fast accurate shifting!

-MIDI In & Out/Thru to control pitch bends via cc’s.

Harmony Effects:

-One octave down – one octave up

-Fifth down – Fourth down.

-Fourth down – third down.

-Fifth up – seventh up.

-Fifth up – sixth up.

-Fourth up – fifth up.

-Third up – fourth up.

-Minor third up – third up.

-Second up – third up.

Detune effects:



Whammy Effects:

-Two octaves up.

-One octave up.

-One octave down.

-Two octaves down.

-Dive bomb – three octaves down.

-Drop tune – two semi-tones down.