The EBS 30S MK2 Session Combo makes perfect for backstage warm-up and practice at home.

Heritage. The heart, the amp section, of the Session combos are all based on the EBS Classic 450 bass head, scaled down to serve each context the best. The philosophy behind the concept is to create combo amps with all the essential features to any bass player – a great sound, professional tools to shape the tone, and a quality XLR output to make use of the great sound for recording or to front of house in a live situation. They come in three different models, to meet different needs.


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This amp itself is powerful enough to provide great monitor sound on stage and in the rehearsal room, and portable enough to fit in any type of car. It is sporting an easy to dial in, powerful EQ, and a XLR Output for professional live and studio use that extends the possibility to use it on larger stages as well. This means a tilt-back bass combo with a tone character similar to the EBS Classic 450 bass head. The result is a full bodied, warm bass sound with great punch and bottom. Add to that an extended EQ with Mid control, twice the power, and a 8″ speaker fitted in a larger cabinet for better bass response and bigger tone.

Since November 2014, all Session combos are delivered from the factory with a new front cloth grille. The new front has much better airflow which improve the sound quality and reduce vibrations.

Not just for bass! The Session combos offers a very competitive alternative for Jazz and Acoustic Guitarists and Harmonica players looking for an amp as well.


-Pro quality and powerful EQ controls to shape your sound.

-An input for music to play along to.

-Headphones output for late night practice.

-A great XLR-output that you can easily plug into your recording device or use as DI to front-of-house at the gig.


-Configuration: 1x 8″.

-Frequency Response: 70 – 5k Hz.

-Power Rating: 30 W RMS.

-Height: 33 cm / 13″.

-Width: 31 cm / 12.2″.

-Depth: 24 cm / 9.5″.

-Weight: 7.8 kg /17.2 lb.

The EBS 30S MK2 Session Combo Offers great sound at a good price-a bit of the best of both worlds.

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