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iSK HP-980 professional stereo closed-back headphones are ideal for studio monitoring applications. Featuring a flat frequency response and high power output. New generation of XXL membrane high definition driver delivers an accurate and exquisite sound. Automatic size adjustment and soft leatherette ear cushions make the headphones comfortable to wear and large ear pieces enclose the ear to prevent ambient noise. Perfect for long studio sessions.


Product Features:
Unique professional design, light in weight and durable;
Autoregulable headband, superior comfort for extended wearing;
Closed-back,exacted acoustic cavity, which can achieve the best monitoring effect;
New generation XXL membrane high definition driver, accurate and exquisite sound;
Low impedance, the best sensitivity, compatible with all equipments;
Single-sided 99.99%OFC detachable cable, low noise;
Mini 3pin connector, convenience & durable;
Suitable for all monitoring occasions.
Package Include:
HP-980: 1pc
Cable: 1pc
6.3 gold-plated screw-on jack plug: 1pc
User manual: 1pc
Color paper box+pearl sponge: 1set

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