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Why use a pop filter?
When recording vocals in the studio, it is essential to use a pop filter (popper stopper) to reduce sibilance and plosives, ie ‘esses’ and pops. Usually present when signing words beginning with “S” and “P”. It is really a must have accessory for recording vocals with condenser microphones.

Long Arm Clamp
The clamp attaches onto a mic stand and long arm if the SPS019 design allows for the filter to be placed in a greater range of positions. Coupled with a flexible and strong gooseneck, allowing you to maneuver the filter to suit.


  • Screw on ‘long arm’ clamp
  • Metal gooseneck design
  • Unique double-net design
  • Filter diameter: 160mm
  • Gooseneck length: 37cm
  • Clamp arm length: 12cm

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