Schlagwerk CP 107

Schlagwerk quality “Made in Germany” at a low price! For beginners and price-conscious brand-switchers who want to get the maximum sound and longevity for their budget. Attractive, modern designs, clearly-defined bass and snare separation with sensitive response and a powerful bass set the standard for the starter instrument category.

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The X-One series combines cajones, modern design, the unbeatable value for money. The CP 107 provides:

-Anti-slip surface for comfortable and safe playing.

-Partially screwed playing surface for typical Cajon snare sound with rich bass foundation.

-High-quality 3-layer birch playing surface for a sensitive response, powerful bass and modern design print.

-X-one snare-effect 2 x 20 spirals for rich snare sound. “Sit and Play” preset for optimal jump start.

-Body made of selected 8-layer birch for optimal sound projection and stability.

-Schlagwerk felt feet with rubber coating for perfect absorption and anti-slip properties.


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