Schlagwerk CP 119 X-One Styles medium

The cajons of the Schlagwerk X-One series are slightly smaller than conventional cajons and perfect for children. They offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio, all the more when you consider that these high-quality boxes are manufactured in Germany. With attractive and modern designs and a clear snare bass separation, the X-one Cajons leave a lasting impression both in sound and appearance.

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Body & face of the X-One

For the body of the X-One Cajons, a total of eight layers of birch wood are glued according to the plywood principle, resulting in a stable yet resonant sounding body. With a size of 30 x 30 x 45 cm, the X-One Medium Cajon is about 5 cm smaller than conventional cajons and is therefore ideal for small musicians and children. In addition, the X-One Cajon fits in any conventional Cajon bag. The playing surface of the X-One Cajons is also made from birch and is visually enhanced by original design prints.

Snare technology

Among other things, the X-One Cajons are characterized by an extremely sensitive snare response. This is achieved by the use of two snare wires with 20 strands each, which are located behind the playing surface and accompany each stroke with a crisp snare sound.

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