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• dual-layer nylon-mesh popshield
• reduces sibilant and plosive sounds on spoken and sung vocals
• flexible gooseneck for easy positioning at any angle
• strong screw clamp for fixing on to a mic stand
• comes with spare cartridg

Our Sontronics ST-POP is a professional-quality pop filter and is an essential piece of studio equipment for anyone recording sung or spoken vocals. It has a double layer of fine nylon mesh which traditionally gives smoother, less harsh results than other metal popshields.

The ST-POP’s mesh cartridge significantly reduces the popping noises associated with plosive consonants such as ‘p’ and ‘b’. Similarly, the harshness caused by sibilant sounds – ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’ – is also dramatically reduced, helping you capture the best possible performance from your vocalist.

It’s also useful for limiting the sound pressure on more powerful wind or brass instruments or even drums and guitar amps.

“People often overlook popshields, but they are such
an indispensable tool for anyone recording vocals.
The ST-POP is fantastic and gives better, more subtle results than any other popshield I’ve ever tried.
It’s a winner!”

MIKE ROSE, Writer/Producer/Engineer

The Sontronics ST-POP has a dual-layer nylon-mesh cartridge measuring 188mm in diameter, secured in a strong plastic frame with an angled connector. This is fixed to a adjustable gooseneck arm and features a screw clamp to fix the popshield to any size microphone stand or even the edge of a desk.

Maintenance is easy too: just unscrew the clamp at the bottom of the ring and remove the nylon cartridge. This can be cleaned in warm, soapy water and left to dry naturally. A replacement nylon cartridge is also included, so that your Sontronics popshield is always there when you need it


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