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A founder member of our line-up since we launched Sontronics back in 2005, the STC-2 is a worldwide best-seller and has become a must-have mic in studios around the world thanks to its incredible accuracy, smooth performance and superb clarity.

Now available with must-have accesssories – shockmount, nylon-mesh popshield, XLR cable and zip-up pouch – this large-diaphragm condenser mic has a fixed cardioid pattern and is ideally suited to vocals, voiceover and acoustic instruments, from acoustic guitar and piano to brass, woodwind and strings, but can also be used in pairs for all kinds of stereo applications.

STC-2’s evenly balanced frequency response results in rich, defined lows and a detailed, open top end, accurately reproducing your source in all its glory.

Like all our condenser mics, STC-2 features our signature smooth high-frequency roll-off, ensuring a natural top end and a recording that sits perfectly in the mix

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