Record your song, record your story, record you – record anything. MiniFuse 4 is a next-gen 4in/4out audio & MIDI interface designed to transform your ideas into your art. Capture crystal-clear recordings, refine with pro-grade creative software, and get your sound out there

Ultra-compact Audio Interface Based on Arturia’s Renowned AudioFuse Series

Part of Arturia’s award-winning AudioFuse line of interfaces, the MiniFuse 4 is a compact desktop USB audio interface ideal for home studios and mobile recording rigs. Featuring two top-notch mic/line/instrument preamps and two line/instrument inputs, the MiniFuse 4 boasts professional-grade fidelity and supports sample rates up to 192kHz. This straightforward interface includes two front-panel headphone jacks with independent volume controls, four line outputs for driving two sets of studio monitors or routing audio to outboard gear. Electronic musicians at Sweetwater are happy to find traditional 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O connections for integrating old-school synths and drum machines. You’ll also find a convenient USB-A hub for reduced studio clutter, supporting any USB-A device, including MIDI. Each port handles up to 250 milliamps. Content creators will be excited about the MiniFuse 4’s virtual stereo loopback channel, which allows you to monitor and record your computer’s audio while also using the interface’s inputs. And to get you started creating right out of the box, the MiniFuse 4 includes a software package featuring some of Arturia’s most popular plug-ins!

Remarkable sound quality

Arturia believes that everyone should have access to affordable recording equipment with exceptional sound, and the MiniFuse 4 reflects that ethos. This impressive interface boasts a 110dB dynamic range and a class-leading input noise of -129dB — specs that would impress even the most discerning professional studio engineer. Give your tracks the punch, clarity, and sonic sparkle they deserve, all from the comfort of your home studio!

Rugged and road ready

The Arturia MiniFuse 4 is a spectacular desktop unit, but it also doubles as a road-ready recording solution. With its lightweight, rugged aluminum casing, the portable MiniFuse 4 is perfect for tossing in a backpack. Spice up your productions by recording in unexpected places; haul it to the gig for recording a board mix and drop some live cuts on your social media platforms. Plus, when you’re on the road for long stretches, bring your MiniFuse 4 along to capture inspiration whenever it strikes.

Included software bundle

  • Ableton Live Lite: For your recording and mixing needs
  • Analog Lab Intro: Classic and modern synthesizer and keyboard sounds
  • 4 x Arturia FX: A world-class preamp, plate reverb, tape echo and chorus effects
  • Auto-Tune: 3-month subscription to the leading pitch tuning software
  • Guitar Rig 6 LE for guitar amplification emulations and guitar FX
  • Splice subscription: Get 3 months free with Splice – all the samples and loops you’ll need

Arturia MiniFuse 4 USB-C Audio Interface Features:

  • Portable, bus-powered 4-in/4-out USB-C audio interface
  • 2 mic/instrument/line combo preamps with phantom power
  • 2 line/instrument inputs
  • 2 headphone outputs with independent volume controls
  • 2 USB hub connections
  • Traditional 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O for synths, drum machines, and MIDI-enabled processors
  • Supplementary USB-A Hub reduces clutter, supporting any USB-A device up to 250mA per port
  • 1 stereo virtual loopback channel for capturing computer audio — great for content creators!
  • Supports 44.1/48/88.2/96/192kHz sample rate
  • Fully USB 2.0 compatible


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