• LF Driver : 6 1/2-inch magnetically shielded PP ceramic cone
  • HF : 1-inch natural silk dome
  • Frequency Response : 50 Hz – 30kHz
  • Crossover-Frequency : 30kHz
  • LF Amplifier – power : 60W
  • HF Amplifier – power : 30W
  • Input Mode Select : Analog or Digital
  • Output Connectors : S/PDIF Thru connector for digital signal
  • Channel Select : Left or RighThe Monkey Banana Turbo 6 are not only ridiculously stylish in appearance, but they also contain serious engineering to achieve the absolute-best acoustic performance. The Bass-reflex acoustic design of Monkey Banana Turbo 6 combines maximum efficiency and optimal bass extension while the medium-density fiberboard construction ensures proper damping of vibrations from the drivers. All of this is done behind a sophisticated industrial design that incorporates modern & minimalist fashion elements. In order to achieve this perfect combination of sound quality and appearance, the Monkey Banana Turbo 6 enclosures were designed as a non-regular hexagon instead of the typical rectangle shape of the boring & bland studio monitors you’re used to seeing. After careful calculation and experiment Monkey Banana found that the non-regular hexagonal structure is most effective in minimizing standing waves inside the enclosure. Standing waves create audible

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