ENGL E212VB Cabinet

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The perfect solution for a small setup. Vertical 212s are very popular. Especially for the compact top parts Ironball, Rockmaster, Metalmaster, they are not only a sonic but also a visually perfect complement. Compact in size but big in sound. The Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers bring solid bass foundations and silky highs. The box can be operated either in mono (120 watts) or stereo (2 x 60 watts). The massive housing made of 14-ply birch plywood is built for eternity and absolutely roadworthy.

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ENGL E212VB Cabinet features:

-Angled Front.

-Closed Back.

-Solid Siberian Birch (14 times folded) Construction.

-Parallel Input and Thru for Daisy Chaining.

-Solid hand welded Metall Grille.


-12″ Celestion Vintage 30.

Power handling:

-120 W (mono).

-2 x 60 W (stereo).


-8 Ω (mono).

-2 x 16 Ω (stereo).


-60 x 75 x 36 cm.


-35 kg.

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