EBS Magni 500


EBS Magni 500 are the combination of the award winning reidmar amp design, and a compact cabinet, designed to produce and distribute excellent bass tone and low-end.

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Awarded design:

With the Magni 500 you can rely on getting a great sound out of your bass. Benefit from the awarded incorporated Reidmar amp design that uses advanced Soft Clip technique to preserve a solid bottom at higher volumes. With the excellent analog preamp you have access to highly effective filters to shape your tone. If you have experienced venues that picks up a certain frequency and create an unwanted bass boost or feedback in the room, simply use the clever Notch-filter to identify and erase the issue on the spot.

Huge sound:

The EBS Magni 500 combos are ported on the front AND back, for better bass response and distribution of the sound. This feature is great, especially in smaller venues, and it makes possible for the compact cabinet to produce a sound that is much larger and fuller than its physical appearance.

Extra features:

-Seamlessly controlled onboard Compressor.

-Headphones output.

-Balanced XLR-output.

-Speakon output to add an extra 8 ohm cabinet.

-The amp is switchable from 120/230V.


-Configuration 1x 15″ + tweeter.

-Frequency Response 30 – 20k Hz.

-Power Rating 250 W RMS.

-Height 56 cm / 22″.

-width 44 cm / 17.3″.

-Depth 36.5 cm / 14.4″.

-Weight 20.5 kg / 45 lbs.


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